Keep your site clean and secure.

Avtec’s secure cloud hosting service now offers direct integration with SiteLock, the leading website security monitoring service. If you are a new or existing hosting customer, SiteLock is an essential service to maintain security.

Find. Fix. Prevent.

SiteLock scans your website to find malicious software (malware) before it can harm you or your members. Hackers insert malware onto legitimate websites in order to steal customer passwords and credit card numbers, deface or destroy the website or use your server to launch attacks on other websites.

Why Choose SiteLock?

Daily scans root out bugs.

We notify you as soon as we find any of the following problems:

  • Search engine/Browser blacklisting
  • Spam blacklisting
  • Application vulnerabilities, including SQLi & XSS
  • Website malware and viruses
  • File changes and suspicious code
  • Bot visits
  • Suspicious or malicious traffic to your site
  • Backdoors left by hackers

Our SMART tool takes out the trash

Automatically removes malware and back-end files to keep your site from being disabled or blacklisted by search engines. (Professional and Premium plans)

Close the deal with our Trust Seal

Seventy percent of web visitors look for proof a site is secure before submitting personal data. Our Trust Seal shows members they’re safe on your website.

What you get with SiteLock

  • Daily malware scan
  • Database protection
  • Automated attack blocking
  • SiteLock Trust Seal
  • Search engine blacklist monitoring
  • CAPTCHA security
  • Security alerts
  • Unlimited expert support
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Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for working so hard on this site for us and making all of my changes. I absolutely love how it turned out and am so glad we decided to work with you. I feel that you took all of our ideas and suggestions and made a perfect site for our credit union. … I’ll look into submitting the site for awards!

— Ashley Chandler, Graphic Designer – Cyprus Credit Union