AEA Federal Credit Union
Responsive Credit Union Website

Project Description

AEA Federal Credit Union partnered with Avtec Media to introduce a new Responsive web site. The new AEA website has a fresh new look and it’s easy to use. On top of a beautiful new look, it’s packed with valuable information and helpful tools.

With the new responsive design, you can easily view AEA’s website on your smart phone, tablet or desktop. Access AEA online anytime, anywhere fast. The clean and simple navigation tabs and dropdown help members move through the credit union website with ease. They also have access to the new Resources section with tools like calculators, credit reports and member discounts.

Project Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Integration with Avtec CMS
  • Custom Login – Online Banking
  • Financial Calculators
  • Responsive Video Player
  • Custom Search
  • ATM and Shared Branch Locators
  • Hosting & SSL Security

Launch Website