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Credit Union Chatbot for  Websites

chatbot for credit union websitesAvtec's chatbot is proven to increase conversions. It understands your members' needs, provides information, and motivates members to act.

Why should credit unions use a chatbot?

  1. Improve user experience with instant service. Members can ask a question or select from a menu of options and your chatbot can respond immediately.

  2. Save time by not answering the same questions repeatedly. Free your staff to handle more complex challenges. A chatbot can answer common questions and immediately refer any request it can’t handle to a member service representative, either via live chat, email or phone.

  3. Make your FAQ and documentation searchable. Is your FAQ full of useful information but your members have a hard time finding the relevant answers to their questions? A chatbot will help them find the right answer instantly.

  4. Collect data about your members. Chatbots record conversation verbatim from which insights can be extracted. As more members ask questions, your chatbot can learn what they want and need and evolve over time to better meet member needs.

  5. Provide a value-added experience. Using chatbots with artificial intelligence enables credit unions to provide a differentiated experience. Members receive intelligent insights and recommendations on financial matters. 

  6. Automatically answer 65% of member support questions. Quickly engage members by answering key questions within seconds. Once deployed, you can live chat with members as well as see rich bot analytics, suggestions for optimization, and edit your bot on the fly.

Chatbot integration is the future of connecting with your member base. Don’t be left behind - build your bot now!

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Add a Chatbot to your credit union website and give your members the specific information they need without making them read through your whole site to answer their questions.


24/7 Member Service

Your credit union's services run 24-7. Why doesn’t your customer support?

Avtec's Chatbot is perfect as a greeter for your website, providing a simple and friendly way for members to ask basic questions. The chatbot provides members with  information right away instead of searching through website content.

Strengthen + Optimize

Use built-in Analytics + Feedback
 to improve and  optimize your bot over time.

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