Search Engine Optimization

Top positions in the Internet search engines are only possible if a web site is optimized through a method known as “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO.

search-enginesSearch engines such as Google discover information about your website by deploying software known as “spiders” or “bots” to crawl the Web. Once these bots find a web site, they follow links within the site to gather information about all the pages.  This information is then “indexed” by the search engine and displayed on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). The spiders periodically revisit websites to find new or changed content. If  your web pages are not optimized according to a schema the bots can read and follow they will leave your web site and your page content will not get properly indexed. Ultimately, your visitor traffic will decrease over time.

What is Search Engine Optimization? (SEO)

SEO is the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a website by optimizing the website so it ranks high in Internet search engines when people search for specific phrases that relate to your business, product, or location.

We offer our clients proven, measurable results.

When we “optimize” a website, we don’t just add key words to your pages. We integrate a comprehensive marketing strategy into the structure, code, directories, file names, images and content of your web site to ensure that your web pages are visible and accessible to search engines. This helps to dramatically increase the amount of people visiting your site on a daily basis. After we optimize your site, you’ll be able to monitor the overall increase in traffic and you’ll be able to see exactly how people found you in each search engine. You’ll even be able to see what search phrases they typed into the search engine to find you.

Why Choose Us?

Avtec Media is a recognized expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and our SEO Code of Ethics guarantees that your website will be optimized with trusted, reliable optimization methods. We understand the technology and algorithyms search engines use to generate their search results and we use this knowledge to create a strategy to increase your website traffic. We also maintain a SEO Code of Ethics that guarantees that your website will only use proven, ethical methods to increase traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Web Site Analysis & Ranking Report

To create our SEO strategy, we analyze your web site’s strengths and weaknesses to create a strategy to ensure success in search engines. We will analyze your current website position in search engines in comparison to your competitors. We check your site’s current search engine position and rankings before and after optimization.

  • Code Analysis: we check your site’s HTML code for syntax and structural problems to ensure your pages are accessible to search engines spiders/bots.
  • Search Engine Position Report: we analyze where you currently appear in SERPs using your target key words and phrases.
  • Back-Link Report: we determine how many web sites are linking back to your site.
  • Keyword Analysis: we research and implement a strategy that combines the most effective keywords and phrases for your target goals.

Web Site Optimization

We  integrate the following elements into the core of your web site:

  • HTML web page browser titles
  • HTML meta-tags page descriptions
  • HTML meta-tags search engine bot commands
  • Page text: key-words embedded in your page content
  • File and directory names: key-words embedded in site architecture
  • HTML Site Map: table of contents
  • XML Site Maps: we create custom XML Site Maps as allowed by Google, Yahoo, and Bing (MSN). We create personal webmaster accounts for you with Google and Yahoo and upload your custom XML site map to your personal account. XML Site Maps guarantee that all your desired pages will be indexed by each search engine.
  • Robots.txt: we add special commands that tells the search engines what pages to index and what pages to ignore

Search Engine Submission

After your site has been optimized, we submit and register your site with the leading search engines and directories locally, nationally and worldwide. (Google, AOL, Yahoo, Bing , Ask Jeeves, etc.)

Search Engine Monitoring

Upon request, we verify that your web page is listed with the Internet’s leading search engines and directories and provide you with routine reports on how your web site is performing.

Traffic Reports & Statistics

Upon request, we will set up your web site so that you can receive detailed reports on all web site visitor traffic, including daily/weekly/monthly visitors, the key words visitors typed in search engines to find your website, your visitors geographic location, what pages they visited, most popular pages, and much more.