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Google to Introduce Social Network Circles?

    Just a rumor? Google will launch Circles, its own social network. Google is allegedly preparing to unveil “Google Circles” sometime this year. Early rumors predicted a launch in May, 2011. It is believed the new social network will allow users to selectively share content with people who are members of different social circles in their

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    ‘Move Your Money’ Campaign Making Waves

      Consumers are being driven in higher numbers to credit union web sites as a result of the recent media and government focus on big bank practices, according to the National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). In the last few weeks consumers are pushing the movement even further

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      Social Media Revolution

        Topping this week’s Viral Video Chart is the trailer for a new book on social media marketing, arguing that social media is not a fad.  The video, which combines surprising statistics with flashy graphics and electronic music, is emerging as a fad itself on YouTube. The video covers the latest trends and statistics driving major

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        Avtec Media Offers Credit Union Blog Design

          Avtec Media Group now offers full-service Blog design and development for credit unions. Our state-of-the-art blog publishing solution gives you the power to develop any type of blog whether it is targeted toward member interaction, financial education, or general Internet marketing. A great tool for writing It’s easy to create great posts with our blog

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          Credit Union Reviews

          Thank you so much for working so hard on this site for us and making all of my changes. I absolutely love how it turned out and am so glad we decided to work with you. I feel that you took all of our ideas and suggestions and made a perfect site for our credit union. … I’ll look into submitting the site for awards!

          — Ashley Chandler, Graphic Designer – Cyprus Credit Union