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Bank Transfer Day

    The Excitement Builds as Bank Transfer Day Approaches When Bank Transfer Day was first picked up by the media, the big banks remained unimpressed thinking surely it would be a non-event. “Bank Transfer Day” urges consumers to transfer their accounts from banks to credit unions by Saturday, Nov. 5. Now that hundreds of thousands of

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    West Community Credit Union

      Website Redesign for West Community Credit Union Avtec Media has launched a new redesigned website for West Community Credit Union. Visit Website: www.westcommunitycu.org The Challenge Take an aging credit union website with poor management capabilities and bring it up to..

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      ‘Move Your Money’ Campaign Making Waves

        Consumers are being driven in higher numbers to credit union web sites as a result of the recent media and government focus on big bank practices, according to the National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). In the last few weeks consumers are pushing the movement even further

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        Credit Union not afraid to compete with banks

          Credit Union “got sick and tired of not fighting back” against the banks. Some credit unions today won’t even mention the word “bank” in any of their marketing materials. Perhaps they’re afraid banks will crack down on them for using banking language as a device to try and steal their customers.  It must be difficult

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          5 reasons banks don’t get it

            By Ismat Sarah Mangla, Money Magazine November 24, 2009: 9:59 AM ET Tired of being taken for granted by the people who hold your dough? Here’s what a bank you could love might look like — plus a few that are starting to get the right idea. (Money Magazine) — You might think your bank

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            Credit Union Reviews

            The website looks great. We are very excited and have received very positive feedback from our members. I am very satisfied with the final product, and it is has been a pleasure working with your team on this project.

            — María Eugenia García López, Marketing Manager – IDB-IIC Federal Credit Union