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Credit Union not afraid to compete with banks

    Credit Union “got sick and tired of not fighting back” against the banks. Some credit unions today won’t even mention the word “bank” in any of their marketing materials. Perhaps they’re afraid banks will crack down on them for using banking language as a device to try and steal their customers.  It must be difficult

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    5 reasons banks don’t get it

      By Ismat Sarah Mangla, Money Magazine November 24, 2009: 9:59 AM ET Tired of being taken for granted by the people who hold your dough? Here’s what a bank you could love might look like — plus a few that are starting to get the right idea. (Money Magazine) — You might think your bank

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      Credit Unions vs. Banks – Business Week

        Credit Unions – Business Week Ever considered ditching your bank for a Credit Union? They offer some of the best rates around and may be easier to join then you think. The following Business Week video  shows you some of the deals you get by becoming a member and consider why some may prefer to

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        Google does not use the keywords meta tag

          “About a decade ago, search engines judged pages only on the content of web pages, not any so-called “off-page” factors such as the links pointing to a web page,” explains Google’s Matt Cutts in a Webmaster Central video.  “In those days, keyword meta tags quickly became an area where someone could stuff often-irrelevant keywords without

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          Credit Union Reviews

          Our client indicated that not only was our site much more appealing, simple and on target, but that every suggested web best-practice mentioned has already been incorporated into our/your design. Definitely great feedback before it has even launched. Congratulations, and thanks for everything.

          — Michelle LeKites – Solstice Advertising, Credit Union 1