Avtec Media Group recently launched a new Spanish website for Fairfax County Federal Credit Union in Virginia. The website included complete Spanish translation of not only all web pages and text, but graphic banners, advertisements, buttons, and more. Avtec Media relied on a team of professional linguists and translators to translate every page of the credit union’s Spanish website.

Fairfax County Federal Credit Union has leveraged a $99,900 Innovation Grant from the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) to support the budget of the Spanish website, among other Spanish initiatives in the credit union’s membership community.

Expanding Spanish Membership

With the additional visibility and outreach made possible by its Innovation Grant, Fairfax County FCU projects that by year-end, Hispanics will account for as many as 25% of the credit union’s new members.

National Credit Union Foundation Executive Director Steve Delfin and Fairfax County Federal Credit Union President/CEO Joe Thomas have recently appeared on CNN Headline News’ Cox Local Edition to talk about their involvement in reaching out to the Spanish community.

“We’ve been able to increase our educational output and our products and services to increase savings (in the Hispanic community) and ultimately generate wealth for their local families,” Thomas said. One of the most popular products is “Safe Accounts” for immigrants who don’t yet have a Social Security Number. “They’re still required by the IRS to have a Taxpayer Identification Number,” Thomas pointed out. “We’ve become now an agent for people to come to us, and we will be able to act on their behalf and get their Taxpayer Identification Number… We will submit the forms to IRS on their behalf.”