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Avtec Media Wins Credit Union Web Design Award

    SALT LAKE CITY, UT– Cyprus Credit Union was recently honored with a national web design award for outstanding website design in the credit union industry. Avtec Media Group, Inc. designed and developed Cyprus Credit Union’s new website In addition to designing the credit union’s new website Avtec also developed a “mobile web app” for

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    West Community Credit Union

      Website Redesign for West Community Credit Union Avtec Media has launched a new redesigned website for West Community Credit Union. Visit Website: The Challenge Take an aging credit union website with poor management capabilities and bring it up to..

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      Web Apps Vs. Native Apps

        The 5 Virtues of Web Appiness Two paths diverged on a device. One is the narrow path to the native app, the other leads to the open Web. You can take both paths, but if you had to pick one — native app or web app — which would you choose? Your decision will make

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        Credit Union Reviews

        First let me tell you that you have been absolutely wonderful to work with and I am very pleased with the work you have done for us and the level of service you have provided.

        — Robin Donnelly, VP Marketing – Shell Federal Credit Union