Connect Your Social Networks

So you’ve created your Facebook profile, your Twitter account and you just launched your new Blog, but do these services know how to talk to eachother?

Save time and effort by reducing the redundant effort of posting to each individual social network service – use your Blog as a platform to simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook as well as update your RSS feed, which  can by further syndicated to any additional number of online services.

By using Facebook’s handy “Facebook Connect” API service you can customize how you want Facebook to interact with your other social networks.  And by using a few convenient WordPress plug-ins for Twitter, Facebook and RSS you can set up your blog so that any time you post to your blog you have the option of simultaneously adding those posts to Facebook and Twitter.  Taking it a step further, if you haven’t yet stepped into the exciting world of RSS you can keep all your fans updated by letting them subscribe via email to your RSS feed, which you can brand and customize using Google’s Feedburner service.

These are just a few ways you can make your social network work for you, instead of the other way around. To learn more about how Avtec Media Group can turn your social network into a super-charged, super-efficient,  super-cost-free marketing platform, contact us for a free estimate today.