Just a rumor? Google will launch Circles, its own social network.

Google-Circles1.gifGoogle is allegedly preparing to unveil “Google Circles” sometime this year. Early rumors predicted a launch in May, 2011.

It is believed the new social network will allow users to selectively share content with people who are members of different social circles in their lives and filter what content is shown to which group.

Some reports claim that Google Circles will allow sharing status messages between groups of friends on different social networks, including sharing photos, videos, and more.

According to a report by SearchEngineWatch.com,  legendary tech publisher Tim O’Reilly “has seen it and … it’s awesome.”

But Google has so far denied that it has any plans for a social network website. If Google is indeed planning to launch the social network it makes sense that the search giant would keep it under the radar given its competition from Facebook in the social media market as well as the complex challenges and trade secrets involved in maintaining a massive global social platform.

Google’s Chris Messina, who is rumored to be the head of Circles, has said the company has no plans for a formal social network however Google plans to incorporate social aspects into its products.