Credit Union “got sick and tired of not fighting back” against the banks.

Some credit unions today won’t even mention the word “bank” in any of their marketing materials. Perhaps they’re afraid banks will crack down on them for using banking language as a device to try and steal their customers.  It must be difficult to differentiate oneself from a bank when you can’t even mention your competitor, possibly out of fear that the banks would lobby government to shut credit unions down or remove their not-for-profit tax status.

Thanks to the recent bank failures, things are rapidly changing. Today you’ll find many credit unions competing directly with banks using direct language with no holds barred. Some credit unions will even dare to compare rates and fees or use clever ad campaigns to reveal the true nature of banks.

Now that banks are struggling and credit unions are booming, many people are starting to recognize credit unions as a role model for a sustainable economy. As a result, credit unions are coming out of the closet and realizing they have a permanent foothold in the economy, something that can’t easily be shaken up by a group of determined bank lobbyists.

Premier Credit Union was one of the first to stand up to the banks when they launched

Premier CU created a campaign for, a website designed to educate consumers about credit union membership and alleviate problems associated with traditional banks.  Not only did Premier create an 8-series direct mail postcard campaign (in-house) they run a banner ad outside a branch (located directly across the street from WaMu) advertising the DropMyBank website.

Avtec Media was delighted to take part in developing the DropMyBank website. Having seen so many credit unions cower at the idea of standing up to bank intimidation, Avtec jumped at the chance to help educate consumers about the credit union movement.