Avtec Media Launches New Website

Avtec Media has unveiled a branding overhaul today,  which includes the release of a redesigned website and a new logo.

“When brainstorming the new look, the Avtec team was creative and explorative – the end result is a beautifully updated look for our online channel and we are extremely pleased with the results,” said Sarah Szydelko, Avtec’s lead client Account Manager.

The branding overhaul project focused specifically on the implementation of the brand across all digital and social media, including custom Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels as well as RSS feeds and other channel connections. Avtec wanted to design and develop a new brand and web site that not only propelled the Avtec brand forward but focused on enhancing the user experience and connection to community.

Avtec’s design inspiration came from mixing design elements of nature and contemporary pop-art. The refreshed web design incorporates Avtec’s move to wide-screen formatting for its website, with easier navigation and strong imagery.