Why Choose Us?

Your Creative Vision – Our Expertise

From mobile web apps to Responsive Web Design  we handle all the heavy liftingand let you sit back and direct.  We offer credit unions a total package — comprehensive web services from concept to completion.

Experience & Reputation

When potential credit union customers ask why they should partner with us, we don’t give them a long-winded sales-pitch. We ask them to “talk to our clients.” Our reputation in the credit union industry is based on the quality of our work and our reliability as a vendor. Take a look at our work (live in action), then talk to the credit unions behind it.


  • Our seasoned development team can handle any type of project with perfected methods of communication and delivery.
  • We’re fluent in the latest code developments, design trends, and browser compatibility standards for large-scale, high-traffic credit union websites
  • We have won several awards for innovation and aesthetics in web design.
  • We’re social media experts.


  • We are inspired by the art and science of the Web and the people behind it.
  • We strongly support the CREDIT UNION MOVEMENT and believe in not-for-profit financial cooperatives
  • We love our jobs. We love our work. We love helping credit unions succeed.


Through our efficient project-planning process, we work with you to uncover the essence of your credit union’s strengths, vision and business objectives. Through collaboration and a focused methodology we offer you breakthrough solutions that are designed to position you above your competitors. That’s why, whatever we do — whether it’s new media or traditional media — we offer consistently measurable results.


  • Our streamlined development process is based on milestones and approval checkpoints at each stage of the process to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.


Unlike some  vendors that make themselves virtually unavailable when you really need them, AVTEC prides itself in establishing transparent relationships based on experience, service and proven results. When you need to talk to us, we’ll be there —  every time by phone, email and web.


  • All of our work is based on the latest international standards of Design, Programming, Usability, Browser Compatibility and Accessibility (as defined by the W3C).
  • Before we deploy, we test, test, and re-test. And then we test again.
  • We’re committed to Sustainable Web Design practices and we make green choices in our offices.

Open-Source Solutions

  • Our websites are designed using the latest standards in HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, XML and PHP programming without any proprietary software or obscure programming languages.
  • Website and Content Management Systems are portable between Website Hosting Servers and can be managed from any Internet connection.
  • Our Content Management training service empowers credit unions to take full control of their website and keep it up to date with fresh, relevant content.

Original Creative Design

Unlike some web design companies, we do not offer canned web designs and templates, hidden costs and unclear client expectations. Our clients have unique identity needs, and we understand that one solution will not work for all credit unions, therefore all our work is ORIGINAL and UNIQUE.

Secure Hosting Solutions

We offer your credit union everything you need to host a secure, enterprise-level credit union website. Our best-of-breed web hosting servers and impenetrable firewalls provide blazing-fast Internet connections. Expert customer support staff provide 24/7 customer and technical support.

Measuring Success

After your website is up and running we’ll provide you with the tools and resources you need to evaluate and measure your website’s performance. You’ll be able to tell how your website is doing and compare activity pre- and post-launch. You’ll be able to track your ROI and get instant bragging rights with your boss, your team and your peers.